Friday, September 03, 2010

Wild West Research still in action

I meant to upload this SOONER! Sorry for delays :P

Introducing the TWINS: Mary and Maria. Both who(m) will be part of a new story arc for my comic, Heroes & Bandits.

Man, the research that went into these characters was SO MUCH FUN. I learned about Siam, and about Chan and Eng--One of the FIRST popular twins, and also so happen to be in the entertainment business (circus). Since they were both popular and from Siam, the name "Siamese twins" stuck,... and whenever any twins would gain popularity, they would be deemed "siamese twins" :B Interesting, no?

Anyway, since these twins aren't technically "Siamese", they are from Paris! So I guess they'd be called Parisian twins?.... These two characters are based off of something that happened IRL when trying to form our Gothic Country band, Rambling Rose and the Bitter Rodeo: We held an audition for two new positions... accordion and banjo. Out of all the people who seemed interesting enough, two girls stuck out and one was Mary, the other, Maria. It was super confusing since they both wouldn't mind being called Mary.
...Ok so maybe the re-telling of that story wasn't as funny as I thought.

I do hope that you think these two will be interesting though, for the comic. They are conjoined at the HAIR. And no, cutting it off would mean DEATH! I have a silly routine they will be doing as a show. But I don't think they'll be playing those accordions and banjos... It isn't quite fitting into the groove right now :<

Onto my harmonica-playing knife-throwing brown character of mine! I don't really want to name him "Bandito", that's just a placeholder for now :( He will also be a part of the new story arc for my comic, Heroes & Bandits.

I have yet to illustrate it, but the harmonicas he plays fold out into "butterfly knifes" (Example) which he can use for throwing during the Trick Shot show! Based off of my dearest gojisaur, Miguel; he's one bad-@$$ harp player IRL

FULL VIEW PLZ - And don't forget to scroll to the RIGHT>>> There is quite a bit to see. I thought I'd change things up a bit.
Also, please let me know if it's too annoying to scroll to the right. I thought this would be the best way to present this work (side by side) rather than top to bottom.


HOMG. This was a super fun week. This isn't even all of my sketches! Just a few favorite pages of mine that I doodled up in the morning. See, I'm much more of a *morning* worker rather than a night crawler! ^^;

It starts off with Wild West/Desert scenes. I was looking at a lot of videos on youtube of Spagetti Western clips, western-inspired songs and commercials... And a lot of clips from a PC game called Outlaw.

Then I move over to wagon drawing. Sorry Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus! I might have to steal ideas from you and Abril Despedacado!!!! :heart:

OMG. Here I realize that my ring leader isn't scary enough. Rob Zombie inspiration, much? ^_^ I also work on Fannie to look a little more gothic lolita, so I can fit the gothic country theme :)

Umm, and the rest is a secret research for another story arc. Lemme give you a hint: The Cramps~

hahaha I hope you enjoyed this insanity!

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there's a wild sense of life in your sketches. I'll never get tired of it. *_____*