Monday, October 11, 2010

Post Fig Knit-On

As you might recall about my yarn bombing creation I was making, the Fig Knit-On show was this past Saturday. BOY was that a blast! I didn't take as many photos as I would have liked, but others were kind enough to take some lovely photos I can't wait to see (Such as Allison Achauer's photos! The gallery inside turned out more fantastical than I could have ever imagined! I'm so glad I waited that night to check out everyone else's lovely work inside... The pigeons Heather Hogan made were AMAZING, and I wish I could have taken one home :) Ellen Bloom created some awesome 'portraits' if you will, of her and her husband. They were super adorable. Though, I think amigurumi is a better title for what those plushies were :) I also really loved Beth Elliot's installations of crocheted plastic (think streamers). They were beautiful!

Would have really wanted to meet more people during the show, but I spent some time guarding my magazine stand.


Setting up that morning was a BLAST. The kind Vietnamese owners of the Nail Salon came out and spoke with me... They were amazed that I had created such a thing by hand, and was putting it out there in the public for everyone to see and feel.


I'm glad it turned out the way I was hoping!!


And now, a flow of some of the things I saw that morning...

Heather Hogan's flower vine.. WIP setup
Julie Keehner's trashcan cozy
WIP of setting up the yarn bombings~
Lauri Mraz's timeline sweater
Heather Hogan's pigeons sitting atop the book rack at the front of Future Studio
Amy Inouye's Chicken Boy sweater
More of Heather Hogan's birds throughout the gallery...
Sorry, I do not remember this artist.. Great work though!
Ellen Bloom standing next to her self portrait amigurumi (her and her husband)


To go back to the newspaper stand cozy I created... Well, at exactly 24 hours after setting the 'bomb', someone tried taking it apart! Behold...

Photo courtesy of Stuart Rapeport

Man... Somewhat devastated... Someone STOLE the yarnbombed magazinestand I created! But I suppose.... that's almost expected to happen, considering it is public art. It served it's purpose. Rest in peace granny squares!


Overall, the experience was worth the effort. I had so much fun, and cannot express how thankful I am to Amy and Stuart at Future Studio, as well as Heather who helped make a lot of this happen :) I look forward to doing more yarn bombing in the future. Maybe something not as big? haha

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Pill_Bug said...

maybe it was a homeless person trying to stay warm...or vandals.