Monday, November 15, 2010

Post PMX happiness!

*yay*! Look at how our table setup came out.. many moons of planning 8D

My table buddy, Alejandro (47ness) has a photobucket with lots more photos of our table, and some cosplays!

Here's some of my photos~

I didn't realize how much of a lolita convention PMX was... there were TONS of fashionable people. Checkitout~

Country Lolita is my favorite!!!!!!


I had some lovely mates across from me! I got candy from them throughout the weekend, and LOTS of great conversations were to be had.

Next to me, the lovely Kristen, who was nice enough to buy my squid I worked on during the weekend. She's a very talented artist and NURSE, even! Next year, we're both going to go to either Califur or Antheria to sell furry art! hahaha We'll see how that goes :B

Smorgasboard Productions was there of couse... and I met David once again! He commissioned me to draw anything from Supa Pirate Booty Hunt~ So I drew Zack the pirate with his axe-guitar~!! Because PIRATES + GUITARS need to happen more!!!

Miemie-chan is one of the cutest cats I met at PMX! Right from the start, I had a lot of fun chatting it up with her. I even got lots of cool swag from her, and not to mention, an art trade! 8D

ROFL I hope she doesn't mind the purikura I goofed with!

And so,

Thanks to everyone who gave me some awesome memories! I've never had so much fun at a convention before... great guests, artists and vendors!

Darn Tootin' will be at Anime LA next. See you NEXT YEAR!!!

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