Sunday, February 06, 2011

First week of February's creations!

It's like I've got some SUPERWOMAN powers! (hehe I wish) I finished this little puppy dog in about 4 hours (I spent all afternoon working on it, and took time for lunch and other things.... so I'm estimating it took about that long)~

Oo and a bonus! Here's a WIP image:

Click on the picture below if you'd like to purchase this cute little 'puppy dog' at my Etsy! ;)


Since I've been doing many bunny commissions, here's another one I finished in the same week!

I love the yarn, and I'm happy how the colors turned out. Hope she likes it too! ^_^


If you're interested in getting a crocheted plushie of your own (or for someone else), feel free to send me a message at: rocky[AT]rocky-o[DOT]com

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Anonymous said...

Really cute, and very well done!
Good work!