Thursday, April 14, 2011

Long time no draw!

Wow, it's been a while since an update, huh? Let me tell you about some work-in-progress yarnbombing crochet work, and then show you pics of the show, afterwards :)

I also have a call for yarn and/or collaboration for the up-coming yarnbomb of my CAR!!! Here is a guide (if you decide to make some squares) that might help, too!


For the past two months, I prepared for yet another large yarnbombing. If you read my blog, you might remember the show in September 2010, where I yarnbombed a whole magazine stand (check out the only photo of me posing by it once it was completed).

Anyway, if you follow me on Twitter, you would see that I had posted lots of updates of my WIP.

Here, lemme show you!

Here are some bright colors I grabbed. I'm trying to mimic the color scheme of my crochet hook holder case I made:

Here are some square ideas I played around with:

I really liked the idea of alternating the squares:

But at this point, I had no idea what I was going to yarnbomb. Eek!


What I do know, is that I've got to yarnbomb my car by June 18th!!!

So I made a bunch of pink granny squares:

What do I do with these squares!? Well, after visiting the venue (Tierra de la Culebra down in Highland Park) I saw a wooden swing and a tire swing. PERFECT!

Pink swing, here we come:


Okay, enough of WIP. Here's how the final turned out!

You can see the car in the background. That's the car I will yarnbomb in June!!

I didn't mention that I did about 3 more yarnbombs in the area. But because I didn't take too many pictures, you'll just have to go back and find out for yourself! Here's a pic of the handrail I did, which is around the corner from the swings:

I worked this one with granny squares, crochet, and knitloom!


Ok, picture bomb time!

(Sorry, but the swing yarnbombs are already taken town. Everything else is still up though!)

Alejandro Lee (my business partner and good friend), Me, Miguel (my husband), Tesla C (her work is also in the show!!!)

Look at that deathgrip she's got on the Cutie I made her!

And speaking of which, lemme show you more pictures of the Cuties (California Mandarin Oranges) I made:

(yes, I still have some more left, too!)
Thanks for looking, and I hope you enjoyed my adventures in crochet! I've got to get back to DRAWING :) Alejandro and I are attending the Gaslight Gathering (Steampunk Convention). I'm halfway done with Chapter 2 of Heroes&Bandits! So stay tuned for more fun!! <3

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