Monday, August 08, 2011

Have Yarn Will Travel - show pictures

YES! I was in a show at MOCA on August 7, 2011!

I had my yarn bombed car on display... oh shucks, just see the images below!

Fellow yarn-bombers in order from North to South:
Arzu Kosar - Red yarnbombed car
Laura DeLeon - Kiddy car
Darlyn Susan Lee - yarnbombed car
Amy Caterina Hill - Grass car
Kacy Treadway - Dolphin car
Jaque Lene - yarnbombed car
Rocky Ormsby - Granny Square Heaven car
Darlene DiBona - Spiderweb car
Amy Inouye + Beth Elliot - Chicken Boy-on-a-cloud car


This yarnbomb was NOT part of the show... I just so happen to have extra yarn, squares, materials, and BAM!

I would consider this a collaboration with the talented :iconWolfren89: :devWolfren89: (She made the awesome little flowers. They are sooo well made, all tight, snug, and soft!!)

That pipe really did need love, too! It was all corroded and green D:

Stay tuned for more yarn bombings in the future!!

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Ubin said...

Hahah awesome! My favorite is definitely the kiddy cart