Monday, October 22, 2012

Meowkernaut Yarnbombings and Crochet 2012

It's been a long time since I posted on here! I have been busy with the baby, as well as yarnbombing, crocheting, and drawing things on the side when I have time :o

Here are some projects I've finished, or have participated in.. Check it out!

"Festival for All Skid Row Artists" (Sunday Oct 21, 2012) at Gladys Park. 6th Street - This is the big park located at the center of Skid Row in Los Angeles, CA.

Audience wrote their own phrases with YBLA's urban letters. YBLA also presented Wishing Tree, an interactive public art installation.

(I crocheted the second letter "R" in 'Recovery')


I joined a new yarnbombing group called Knit Riot!!

We crocheted/knit a bunch of corn cobs, and put together a corn field! This is to create awareness, and to vote YES on Prop 37 More info here: http://www.carighttoknow.org/

It's funky how in Canada and in the UK they already have labeling on GMO foods.. How come we don't have that here in the US? And why is a big company, like Monsanto, against labeling GMO here in the US but is FOR it when asked in the UK? Really weird, if you ask me!

I don't have any new photos yet, but this display will be touring around LA. I know that it has been at the Santa Monica pier (and thereabouts), as well as South Pasadena, and will go to Silverlake, Hollywood, and some other cities. Stay tuned! ;)


It took me 2 days to make this! I made a sleeve and the bottom half of the sweater; and finished up the rest the next day

This is the itchiest sweater ever :<

100% wool from a super super old Rowan knit kit of yarn+pattern from the early 90's @_@


I had been dying to make this! Finally I have my own :D Butterfly Wrap

PS: I love this yarn, too! But it's so expensive for what it is :/ Methinks the payment is mostly for the COLORS... such beautiful colors...


Thanks for reading! And that's it for now. Will post again soon when I have some more things to share with everyone :)

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