Friday, November 22, 2013

Long Beach Comic Con Nov 23-24

Table 2309 in the Artist Alley at the Long Beach Convention Center! I won't be at the table, but my friend 47ness will!
- FANNIE BOAKLEY - by 47ness

And holy crap this fanart he did for me, of my character, Fannie Boakley... AHHH I am sooo getting a print of this!! @0@;

We will have comics: Sally Sprocket and Piston Pete issues 1-6 (only $5 each), as well as Heroes&Bandits the first vol graphic novel ($25).

I won't be there the whole weekend, only on Saturday; I am mostly going to walk the halls since I will be bringing my baby bundle with me (and he is a handful, I'll tell ya!). Let me know ahead of time, I can sign you a copy... or hopefully you will catch me!!

Either way, see ya there ;)

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