Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Post SDCC and AX 2015

Man what a crazy weekend! Sales did well for my book, Heroes&Bandits at SDCC. Anime Expo was very quick, and I wasn't able to see as much as I really wanted to. The Artist Alley is huge! I'm not going next year, and I don't think I'll be going to AX as much anymore in general.

SDCC was crazy crowded and considering I have a bunch of new merchandise for sale, that didn't change much of anything. It was a new crowd to share my artwork with, and I'm just happy that I had fun and so did 47ness and everyone who helped me!

THANK YOU to everyone who stopped by, and THANK YOU to anyone who bought anything from me! It was great to see friends and family take the time to chat with me. Honestly, that's what makes a convention fun for me - seeing familiar faces in a big and crowded convention brings joy to me :')


As for those who were not able to attend Anime Expo and SDCC: I'll have my merchandise available on my Etsy very soon, and I will make an announcement here and everywhere else so that you can find out more!


Here is the rest of mine and Alejandro's (:dev47ness:) convention schedule:

- Long Beach Comic Con (Sept. 12-13th) Long Beach, CA

- Gaslight Gathering (Sept. 18-20th) San Diego, CA pending

- Alternative Press Expo (Oct. 3rd-4th) San Jose, CA pending

- Comikaze Expo (Oct. 30th-Nov. 1st) Los Angeles, CA

- CTN Expo (Nov. 20th-22nd) Burbank, CA

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